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Supporting the involuntary creditors since 1994!

About Us

UNIO-Control Ltd. has been supporting its clients’ market position since its inception in 1994, primarily by collecting its clients’ corporate claims, providing business information and related services. We offer unique solutions to the special needs of our clients with security consulting, private investigation and mediation services.

Debt management

Our efficiency is due to our professionally trained colleagues and personal contact.

Private Investigation

With this service, we want to provide a solution to all the problems of our Clients related to economic, private and business activities.

Security consulting

Within the framework of the activity, we provide services to various companies, institutions, objects and facilities.

We base our work on outstanding expertise, with full consideration of all relevant legal regulations.

The expertise of our colleagues enables us to address multiple issues arising in the business. Building on the expertise and the experiences gained we find the optimal solution for our clients even in complex issues. Occasionally, we apply special solutions, arrangements.

We always provide our services based on the assignment contract concluded with our clients.

We operate with increased discretion, based on the laws regulating the protection of personal rights, as well as business and private secrets.

With its services UNIO-CONTROL Ltd. helps many well-known companies solve the problems and achieve their business success.

Our services are covered with professional liability insurance for debt collection, business consulting, as well as investigation and security consulting services.

Professional memberships, licenses

UNIO-CONTROL Ltd. is the founding member of The Association of Hungarian CMS Companies and Business Information Providers, the national forum for the profession.


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The Hungarian Financial Supervisory Authority (tasks taken over by the National Bank of Hungary in 2013) registered UNIO-CONTROL Ltd. as type ‘A’ agent in 2008, based on which companies engaged in financial services can use our services..

We have been applying ISO 9001 (currently: MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015) standard in relation to our main service since 2008.


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Data protection ID number: 01865-0001

We hope that our brief information has convinced you that our Company meets the expected professional standards in this field.

If you are interested, please contact us and respect our Company with confidence!

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