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Full corporate debt collection

In full-scale corporate (B2B) receivables management, employees contact the debtor in person as soon as possible after a written and telephone inquiry.

Machine, vehicle and device retrieval

According to the preliminary written agreement, we undertake – in addition to enforcing financial claims – that we will act effectively in order to restore the ownership relationship, taking into account the legal framework, during the return of machinery, vehicles and assets.

Environmental Study

If required, we conduct an environmental study for their future / existing partners. In doing so, among other things, we check the authenticity of the data registered in the company register and in other sources.

private Investigation

With our service we want to provide a solution to all the problems of our Clients related to economic, private and business activities.

Mediation activity

With our service, in addition to the classic dispute resolution procedure, we carry out mediation and mediation activities according to the needs and expectations of our clients, in order to help our partners achieve their economic goals.

Security consulting

Within the framework of the activity, we provide security consulting to various companies, institutions, objects and facilities.

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